Request a Quote

To request a quote, please download and fill out the Job Proposal Sheet and e-mail or fax the completed PDF to us at your convenience. Quotes can take up to 2-3 business days to return.


***ALL survey requests must be accompanied by as much prior research as possible including any evidence maps, sketches, or written agreements (recorded or not recorded) that will help us determine the boundary(s) and easement(s) that are together with or reserving there from subject parcel***

  1. All quote estimates and time frames are based on information provided to the office. Any inaccurate information or undisclosed existing property conditions, especially conditions that will delay the survey process, will be billed additionally on a Time and Materials basis: $250/hr Professional Consultation, $150/hr Field Crew, $90/hr Office Calculations.
  2. We DO NOT survey overgrown properties or properties that resemble a dump site (i.e. abandoned vehicles, appliances, excessive building materials, etc.) We are professional Land Surveyors, NOT LANDSCAPERS and we are not responsible for delays in job completion due to either of these conditions encountered in the field. If our crew reports poor property conditions, we may request that the client resolve the issue before we complete our work.
  3. We are also not responsible for any elements/features missed while performing a field survey (i.e. fences under foliate, water meters not visible, etc.), especially if a property is not maintained.
  4. Any misrepresentation of existing property conditions by the client or their representative will result in adjustments to both time frame and final invoice amount.
  5. Additional work not requested at time original quote is provided will delay the process and extend the completion date.
  6. The individual signing this job proposal shall assume full responsibility of payment for services rendered, unless an active escrow account is provided. If escrow is cancelled, signator will assume full responsibility for payment. Akamai Land Surveying, Inc. will not be responsible to bill a third party.
  7. A $50.00 cancellation fee will be invoiced to the individual signing this form for cancellations after 48 hours (as of the date of our receipt) of this signed & accepted job proposal form and if the job has already been initiated then the client will be billed for the hours of work completed.
  8. Failure to provide a gate code for access (whenever applicable) will result in a $150 waiting fee.
  9. Our schedule and calendar is constantly changing, therefore Akamai Land Surveying, Inc. is not responsible for any delays due to weather and/or circumstances beyond our control. We may reschedule with very little notice.
  10. Photographic evidence of boundary corners, features, shorelines, etc. may be taken at any property surveyed. Especially K2s, Topos, Shorelines, and ALTAs. These photos are used for reference and records as well as County and State submittals of surveys.
  11. Any boundary corners or “points” that are located in Streams, gulches or dangerous conditions may not be found or set in the field.
  12. It is at our discretion to use GPS or “Robotic” technology to complete the requested work. This is dependent on property condition and crew availability.